Christmas Club

Christmas Account (S5)

Make christmas shopping that little bit easier to afford with a CMCU Christmas Club account. Start saving now by putting a little aside each week, fortnight or month directly into your Christmas Club account. So you can do all that christmas shopping, the funds are accessible by to you on the 15th November to the 15th February. This is to help you resist the temptation throughout the year.

The Christmas Club is automatically renewed each year. If you have a payroll deduction or a periodical payment it will continue for the next year.


  1. Pay into your Christmas Club by either payroll deduction, periodical payment or over the counter
  2. Interest is credited on the 30th November each year.
  3. Interest is calculated on the daily balance
  4. The interest rate is a set rate regardless of the balance of the account.
  5. The interest rate can be varied at any time without notice.
  6. Funds are only available for withdrawal from the 15th November (or the next working day) until the 15th February (or the next working day) unless otherwise approved.
  7. There are no account keeping fees on these account types.
  8. Early withdrawals may be approved under special circumstances where a written request is submitted.
  9. Access via Internet Banking & Telephone Banking is available during access period.

To find out more, view our current Interest Rates or Rewards Fees & Charges
or Disclosure Statements or contact one of our branches.