Business Banking


The Central Murray Credit Union offer two types of Business Accounts.
Our Business Account is the main transaction account for business member.  Funds are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our premium Business Account earns a higher rate of interest than the Business Account, but still provides easy access to your funds. It requires a minimum balance of $5,000 at all times.

We also offer a separate GST account to assist with your cash flow needs.


We offer tailored lending options to your needs.  Whether it is the purchase of new equipment, refinance of existing debt or an overdraft facility to assist with your cash flow requirements, our lending staff are available to discuss your options.

We will look at your business, both from your financial statements and your operations to make sure that the product selected is the best for your circumstances and financial situation.


Business Banking Facilities
The Central Murray Credit Union can tailor your business banking to suit your needs.

Whether you need a cheque book, online access or electronic transfers, we are looking to become an integral part of your business, offering advice and assistance to ensure that your banking needs are met in a professional and friendly manner.

We offer the following facilities to assist our Business Customers with their financial needs:

Accounts         - Business Account

                         - Premium Business Account

                         - GST Account


Lending           - Commercial Loans

                         - Commercial Overdrafts


Access             - Business Viewpoint Internet Banking

                         - Visa Debit Card

                        - Telephone Banking

                         - Direct Credits

                         - Direct Debits

                         - Cheque Book

                         - Periodical Payments

                         - BPAY®


Referral           - Financial Planning from Bridges

                         - General Insurance Products from Allianz

We offer many ways to access your funds


Business Viewpoint Internet Banking
You will have the flexibility that suits the operation of your business.

You will have the ability to:

                        - View transactions

                        - Print Statements

                        - Change Periodical Payments

                        - Verify interest details

                        - Make BPAY®

                        - Transfer funds between accounts at the Credit Union

                        - Make Electronic payments (including those that are ‘bulk’ loaded like payroll from a payroll software package or creditor payments from a financial software package)

Business Viewpoint Internet Banking has the ability to have several users set at different security levels that you are comfortable with, so you can allow different staff members to just print statements, while others are able to authorise payment and make changes to existing arrangements.

Visa Debit Card
You can assign a Visa Debit Card to signatories on your account to use to make purchases or pay accounts directly from your business funds.

Telephone Banking
You can use telephone banking to check balances, list transactions, transfer funds between your linked accounts, make BPAY® payments and check your interest earned for the financial year.

More Access Options

Direct Credits
You can put your account details on your invoices or statements to allow people to electronically transfer money into your account.  This allows you to collect funds on a timely basis without having to wait for cheques to clear.

Direct Debits
Direct Debits allow you to give other businesses your account details and they electronically transfer funds from your account.  This helps with commitments like loan repayments, insurance premiums and hire purchase payments.

You can make payments using BPAY® system by either telephone banking or Business Viewpoint Internet Banking.  Every transaction will give you a receipt number to show that payment has been made.

Periodical Payments
You can set up transfers to accounts or make BPAY® payments that will automatically happen on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

Cheque Book
We offer 25, 50 and 100 size cheque books or, with approval from the Credit Union, you are able to print your own personalised cheques.