Comprehensive Credit Reporting



What is Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)?


Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) is used by Australian lenders and credit reporting bodies. It enables them to securely share information about your Credit History. Credit reporting bodies, such as Equifax, were previously provided only with negative credit information. Now with changes to legislation, they will report on both negative and positive aspects of your Credit History. This is why it is now known as Comprehensive Credit Reporting.

Moving forward, CMCU will also be providing information such as the type of lending product you have with us, key dates (such as the date you opened the account and the date you close it (if applicable)), your credit limits for each open account, and up to 24 months of your repayment history, including when you make payments on time and when any payments are made late.

It is essential that you ensure that all repayments are made on time as this will now appear favourably on your credit report. 


CCR and Hardship


If you are experiencing financial difficulty, the best thing you can do is contact CMCU about your options. One of the options that CMCU has in assisting you is to enter into a financial hardship agreement. This is used to adjust your repayment obligations for the period that you are experiencing hardship.

It is important that if you are experiencing financial hardship that you contact CMCU. Our staff are always available to talk and help you find the best option to get back on track with your credit commitments.

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Information about your Credit Report


CMCU shares your information with the following credit reporting bodies. You are able to contact them directly to access a free copy of your Credit Report once every 3 months or within 90 days of a declined credit application.

If you are looking to improve your credit score, this can be done over time by:

  • Accessing a copy of your credit report and ensuring all enquiries made are correct and ensuring any incorrect enquiries are removed. You can do this by contacting the relevant credit provider.
  • Making sure all payments for your bills and credit accounts are made on time