GST Account

GST Account (S12)

  1. A GST Account is a special purpose account for businesses to set aside money for GST Purposes.

  2. The following feature and access facilities are available:

    1. Visa Debit Card

    2. CMCU Net Banking

    3. CMCU Phone Banking

    4. Cheque Book

    5. Direct Credits

    6. Direct Debits

    7. BPAY

    8. Osko

    9. Future Payments

  3. It is available for Business use only.

  4. Funds are available at call

  5. A tiered interest rate applies, calculated on the minimum monthly balance and is credited to the account on the 30th June each year or when the account is closed.

  6. Interest rate may be varied at any time.

  7. Transaction and general fees may apply and you may also be charged for using payment facilities to access the account.Details of fees and charges are contained in the Schedule of Fees, Charges and Member Rewards which forms part of the PDS and which is available from our website or any branch.